What We Do

canihaveabite™ is rooted in the belief that food is our best medicine and that is possible to transform your health simply by eating foods that nourish the body. We believe that by understanding the source of your food – how it was grown/raised, how it was processed, how it was prepared – is the key to good health.

We believe in real food and eat the spectrum of choices. And, when it comes to food, we never see limitations; we see new ways of creating. So we prepare dishes that cover all diet choices – vegan, vegetarian, paleo and simply real food. We prepare dishes with local grass fed meats and pasture raised chickens. We use goat cheese, sheep’s milk cheese and raw milk cheese. We use pasture raised eggs and real butter. We talk to the farmers. We can tell you the story behind every dish, from the raw ingredients to the final deliciously distinctive product. We joyfully taste and test every dish that is prepared. We love what we do, and it shows.


canihaveabite™ believes you should know the story behind your food. Understanding the truth behind the way food is grown and processed changes the perception of your health. canihaveabite™ creates a monthly seasonal carry-out menu made from local and organic ingredients. We bring the farm to your table. Our dishes are made from local and organic ingredients. We have a menu with dishes for every diet – paleo, vegan, vegetarian, omnivore and CLEAN! (allergy free) 

Cleanse – Even if you eat all organic foods you are exposed to toxins on a daily basis through your environment. Detoxing helps the body stay healthy and strong. Our 3 Day Detox is a controlled fast. canihaveabite provides food that aids the body in detoxing. A list of acceptable foods is provided to eat along with the detox dishes. It takes 28 days to change a habit. Our 28 Day Challenge makes that deliciously easy. with 4 weeks of dishes. From Detoxing to Energizing, each week will move you forward into a habit of healthy eating and help eliminate those bad habit cravings.