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Organic Carryout

Local Farmers.
Seasonal Menu.
Zero Waste Packaging.

At canihaveabite, we know eating delicious, healthy, environmentally-friendly meals made from local and organic ingredients can be a challenge. That's where we come in.

We make energizing, satisfying dishes that you can pop in your fridge or freezer to eat when it is most convenient for you. We only use local and organic ingredients, so our menu changes weekly. We have dishes for every diet – vegan, vegetarian, paleo, omnivore, gluten-free, and more – and use compostable packaging. 

We care about your health and the health of the earth. Canihaveabite is rooted in the belief that: (1) it is possible to transform your health simply by eating real foods that nourish the body, and (2) we must shift the environmental burden caused by the food industry.


It's time to know the story behind your food.

what we do

carefully selected organic ingredients

Choosing the best ingredients is first step to making nutritionally balanced and environmentally conscious meals.

We buy produce from local farmers whenever possible and always buy organic. We only serve reverse osmosis purified water.

new recipes prepared daily

Because we select only fresh, organic produce based on what is in season, our menu changes constantly. Each week we choose from our hundreds of recipes to prepare a few dishes for you to have at home.

This way you can eat canihaveabite year-round and never get bored.

We make a limited number of dishes per week. Check the current dish availability by calling us or ordering online.

meals ready to eat at home

The majority of our dishes are designed for you to eat at home at your convenience.


Simply grab a selection of dishes, pop them in your fridge or freezer, and heat them for a delicious, energizing meal whenever you are ready.

We strongly recommend ordering online, especially if you want to eat ASAP.

compostable packaging

Our meals start and end with plants. By using 100% plant-based packaging, all the packaging for our meals is compostable. Bring your packaging to any MO Organics bin or back to canihaveabite, and they will be composted in 30 days.

can I have more?

let's get healthy


3 Day Detox


28 Day Challenge


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Meal Subscription


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"It tastes savory and refreshing, the kind of thing I’d want to share with someone... With Hale’s seemingly intuitive knack for combining flavors, it’s easy for her diners to put the food first."

what people say

"Stopped by on the recommendation of my trainer, such a great spot! The owner as incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, walking me through the menu and making suggestions based on my level of hunger and dietary preferences... Great local spot, I plan on returning!""

Elise F.

"Your food is so good! Thank you for making quality product with organic and local ingredients. Having on-the-go meals like this are a great help for my busy schedule. I want everyone to know that your food is amazing."

Steven P.

"I LOVE this place! It was a total life-saver for me! I’ve had chronic health issues... I purchased all of my lunches from Canihaveabite...Everything was delicious and since there is a variety, I never got tired of the meals. I’m feeling much better now and I love how everything is locally sourced from an organic farmer. For anyone trying to find organic, nutritious meals customized to their health needs, this is a must! (I’ve been a customer for 10 months and counting).

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