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Updates due to Coronavirus

A Pandemic is Difficult

Staying Healthy Shouldn't Be

We want to help

In light of current events, we are changing some of our business practices. We will continue to create farm fresh, organic, sustainable meals that you can eat on your schedule. However, our hours and ordering practices may change. As the pandemic evolves, we will continue to update this page of the website to keep you informed.

Pickup Options


When placing your order, specify if you would like curbside pickup. We will then contact you with more detailed instructions.


Delivery available Friday between 2 – 5pm. Please leave a cooler outside, and we will contact you when your order has been dropped off.


We no longer allow customers inside the building. Place your order online, call us when you're outside, and we will bring your food out to you.

Ordering Guide


We strongly recommend sending in your order online Monday – Wednesday and selecting a Friday or Saturday pickup time. This will help us meet production demands.

Important Information

We never shut down our online ordering system. You can place your order at any hour of the day, but pickup times will be limited.

If we can prepare your order faster than by Friday/Saturday, we will contact you to give you more pickup options.


Call us at (816) 797 – 0553 to place your order. Your order is not confirmed until you receive a call back from us. Patience is appreciated!


We print our menu for our door. Stock may be limited for non pre-orders.

We will prepare all orders to be picked up cold (you heat at home), unless you leave a note for us specifying otherwise.




Wednesday & Thursday

Friday & Saturday


online ordering available 24/7

3pm - 6pm

11am - 6pm


(816) 797 – 0553


707 W. 47th St.

Kansas City, MO 64112

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  • How do I eat my food at home? How should I reheat it?
    Please check out our Heating Instructions for details on heating your food. We recommend using an oven or stove-top to warm all our food to preserve dish quality.
  • Do you accommodate special dietary needs?
    Yes! Our menu has options for vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and gluten-free diets. If you have specific allergies or restrictions, please order ahead and we will do our best to adjust your order accordingly. Unfortunately, due to the current size of our team, we cannot modify our entrees. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. ​ 1) For those with food sensitivities, we list all food sensitive ingredients on our packaging. 2) For those with life threatening food allergies, we are extremely careful about cross contamination and will refuse to serve you any dishes that may be at risk for allergens. Due to the current size of our team, we cannot modify our entrees. However, if you contact us with advanced notice, we will do our best to make special dishes that eliminate dangerous ingredients. 3) For those with illnesses, we will do our best to work with you to create dishes that fit within the guidelines of your special needs during the healing process. Please contact us prior to your arrival; our entrees cannot be modified.
  • Why is some canihaveabite food frozen?
    The food is frozen to retain the maximum nutritional value. Nutrients are destroyed by heat: Keeping dishes hot in a chafing dish means they would be slowly cooking all day long and there would be little nutritional value left by the time you ate it. We make our dishes fresh. Package them. Place half in our refrigerated deli case for immediate purchase and half in our freezer for eat later purchase Our food versus leading competitors: We insist on quality and purity of our ingredients. Therefore we NEVER use canola oil, soy oil, heat altered oil or blends. We NEVER use corn or soy byproducts. We only purchase from farms that practice humane animal husbandry. We buy from local organic farmers whenever possible and insist on the highest quality of organic ingredients when purchasing organic ingredients from out of state. Our packaging is 100% compostable which means it converts from packaging to compost within 30 days.
  • Does canihaveabite deliver?
    Yes, we do offer a delivery option if you order online and live within a 16 mile radius of canihaveabite. There is a small delivery fee, starting at $6 (and $1 per mile after that), and we require a minumum order of $40. Below are the current delivery day and time window. We are looking to expand our delivery option in the future. ​ Sunday Unavailable Monday Unavailable Tuesday 2:00pm – 4:00pm Wednesday 2:00pm – 4:00pm Thursday 2:00pm – 4:00pm Friday Unavailable Saturday Unavailable Minumum order may increase as distance increases.
  • Can I eat at canihaveabite or is it all designed to be eaten at home?
    You can do both! You are more than welcome to sit and eat at our canihaveabite location in Brookside. Each day we offer a selection of sides, salads, soups, sandwiches, bites, beverages, and entrees. Our hot dishes take approximately 10 minutes before they are ready to eat, although some can take up to 30 minutes. We recommend ordering online before arriving so you don't have to wait for your food to be ready. We do not allow modifications of our entrees, sides, and soups. Our sandwiches, smoothies, and beverages are made upon request and may be modified. ​ It is equally easy to stop in, pick up any of our dishes, and take them home to eat at your convenience.
  • What do I do with the packaging my food is in?
    We use 100% plant based compostable packaging, meaning that all of the packaging for our food can be composted! It may look like plastic and cardboard, but we promise it can all go in the compost bin. This means zero waste is created when you buy from canihaveabite. All packaging can be dropped off at any MO Organics composting container. MO Organics picks up weekly and within 30 days it is turned into rich compost. If you don't know where the closest MO Organics composting container is located, feel free to bring back any packaging to canihaveabite and we will compost it for you. We care about your health and the health of the earth.
  • Do you print out menus?
    Because we are a zero waste carryout, we do not print out menus. All of our menus are available online and are regularly updated. As we have a seasonal menu based on local ingredients, this makes it possible for you to view the most current menu without creating paper waste.
  • Does canihaveabite do corporate box lunches and/or cater?
    Yes we do both! We have an extensive box lunch menu that includes both meat and vegan choices and your choice of organic sides. We specialize in catering that provides vegan dishes and dishes for those with food allergies. And since we work with seasonal produce and menus, holidays are one of our favorite times to create traditional dishes with a unique twist. All catering can be either picked up or delivered. We do not offer a catering staff or onsite cooking or serving. Please contact us for more information.
  • Why do you not do a calorie breakdown?
    Our dishes are primarily made up of vegetables. When you eat real food your body is able to fully digest it and your cells receive more nourishment, making you less hungry. When you eat raw vegetables (as in the Broccoli Kale Salad) you are getting more nutrition as well as digestive enzymes. This means your body will more completely assimilate the nutrients. You will feel more satisfied and have more energy. It is worth noting that 100 calories of vegetables is a lot of food, and our dishes are a rainbow of vegetables.
  • Who are your local farmers & vendors?
    Our dishes are made from as many local and organic ingredients as possible. During market season it can be as little as 24 hours between the produce being picked and you picking up your food. Now that is Farm to Table service! We love working with farmers. The owner of canihaveabite, Kathy Hale's, grandfather was a farmer and she always enjoyed hearing her mother’s stories about growing up on the farm. Here is a list of the local farmers and vendors we use. City Bitty Farm Gibb's Road Farm BadSeed Market Holyland Farms Chapman Creek Cattle Company Heritage Acres Farms Wells Family Farms Wood Mood Gardens New Roots for Refugees Stony Crest Urban Farm Rock Creek Valley Farm Wakarusa Farm Heartland Mill Inc. Local Pig Tasteful Olive Brookside Farmers Market
Pandemic FAQs
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