Think of a food subscription program with a social element.
how does membership work?
First Bite

Subscribe for $40 / month

Second Bite

That money goes into your "bowl".

Third Bite

You can then use that $40 on food/drinks!

Extra Bites

Plus you get perks throughout the year!

what are the perks?
  • Access to exclusive member menu items
  • Periodic specials and discounts
  • Spoon Socials!
      (member-only events like tastings, cooking classes, meetups, etc).
  • The joys of being part of a community!
why did we create this membership?

Community is our root, and we want to water it. Help us build our ecosystem, and we can help you. By becoming a member you're helping us buy more ingredients from local farmers, expand our offerings, and build a larger, happier canihaveabite community.

why are members spooners?

Spoons are a universal utensil. Some people may use forks to scoop up food, others may use chopsticks or bread – but every single culture uses a spoon. Canihaveabite’s logo is spoon to symbolize all communities, sitting down for a meal together.


As a member, you become one of our little spoons! Or, as we say, you're a “spooner!”. No cuddling required, but there is lots of love to be shared.

frequently asked questions

How do I use my $40 on food/drinks?

When you sign up, you'll be given access to a "members only" page. Each month we will post a coupon code worth $40 that you can use at checkout. (You will also receive the code in an email).

Do I lose my $40 if I don't spend it/forget to use my coupon code one month?

Nope! Your money goes into your "bowl" for you to use when you're ready. So, if you don't spend your $40 one month, this means you have $80 you can spend the next month. We will save money in your bowl for up to 3 months. (We can't hold onto it forever. It's a bowl, not a bank).

If I'm not a member, can I still purchase food/drinks from canihaveabite?

Definitely! You won't be able to purchase "member-exclusive" menu items, but we will still have the many regular menu items for you to choose from.

Do you still have your AppCard loyalty program?

Unfortunately, due to COVID, we had to get rid our AppCard loyalty program (in which you would enter your phone number at checkout and receive points for your order). But we think this Spooner membership program is much better fit for canihaveabite as it focuses on building a community.

Can I sign up in person?

Sorry, not yet. Currently sign up is only possible online (between 1st – 7th of each month).

how do I join?

Sign up is available the first week of every month (the 1st – 7th).

After sign up, you'll have access to our "members-only" page.

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