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The 3

Day Detox

The 3 Day Detox is a three day controlled fast designed by us to help kickstart you into a healthier state. We provide you with three days of light, nutrient-dense food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks) that encourage healthy digestion; we also include informative guides to help you make healthy choices when the fast is complete.

We designed our 3 Day Detox to improve digestive health quickly by incorporating food that will clean congestion, fermentation, mucous, and inflammation from the digestive tract. At canihaveabite we do not encourage dieting, and we do not recommend using this three day fast as a diet, although you may notice physical changes by the end of three days. If you are looking to build lifelong habits of healthy eating, please check out our 28 Day Challenge.

Are you ready to give your digestion a vacation?

what is a detox?

it's a vacation for your digestion!

Your body works hard to fight everything we throw at it:

stress, challenging food, exhaustion, buildup, & more.

Detoxing gives your body a break from all that pressure.

When we plan the detox, you focus on eating & revitalizing.

Let's restore your inner digestive balance.

detox basics

notable benefits



digestion & gut health


boosts immune system


increases mental clarity


restores total body health


the menu


California Sunrise Drink (apple cider vinegar, spices, ginger, honey, lemon)



Ginger Carrot Soup

Cruciferous Vegetables



Seasonal Detox Salad

Bone Broth (Miso Soup for Vegan/Vegetarian diets)



Energy Bites

All items are gluten-free. Our detox is omnivore unless otherwise specified.


try the detox


The 3 Day Detox costs $129.


To order call (816) 381—9101 or order online. Orders must be placed at least 3 days in advance of pickup and payment is due upon ordering.

Our detox contains bone broth. Specify upon ordering if you are on a vegetarian or vegan diet, and we will replace bone broth with miso soup.


Food is prepared for all three days to be picked up at once. The detox can be picked up during normal business hours. Pickup times are set up ordering. We recommend picking up order the day before you wish to start the detox. Delivery is available for (a) those within our delivery radius (b) during our normal delivery times, and (c) with a small fee.


If you have questions about the detox, please fill out one of our contact forms, visit our contact page, or email

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