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Heat & Eat



Heating Instructions


Preheat oven to 375º

If your oven runs cold, preheat to 400º.

Remove lid


The bottom of the entree container is oven-safe. All of our packaging is compostable.


Heat until ready to eat!

If dish is refrigerated:
If your dish is not frozen, heat for 10 - 15 minutes*.
If your dish is frozen:
Simply increase the cooking time! Heat for 20 minutes, stir or poke a few air holes, and heat for an additional 10–20 minutes*.
*We recommend a final internal dish temperature of 130º.

Hot Tips

rice or beans


add a splash of veggie broth!
(it will help the rice and/or beans cook faster)

side of veggies


cover the veggies lightly with foil​ while cooking
now the veggies will cook at the same rate as everything else!



cover entree lightly with foil​ while cooking
(you can do this with any meat or poultry entree to prevent it over-drying)



cover with foil if heating for longer than 10 mins
vegan lasagna is an exception to this tip



Run under hot water

If your soup is frozen, run the container under hot water first to easily remove from packaging.

Warm on stovetop


Put in soup pot, warm on stovetop with low heat. Add a splash of veggie broth to help warm faster.
hot tips

Microwaving Food?

We recommend heating dishes up in the oven, although entree and soup containers are microwave-safe. We do not have definitive microwave times for our dishes.

Feedback from customers recommends 2 minutes in the microwave for fresh entrees and approximately 3-4 minutes for frozen entrees.

Contact us with questions or feedback.


All dishes can be heated from a fresh or frozen state. It is not necessary to let frozen dishes thaw in the fridge.


When heating pasta entrees — except vegan lasagna — cover the dish with foil after 10 minutes. Helps prevent the noodles from drying out.


If an entree has rice or beans, adding a splash of vegetable broth will help it cook faster.


If an entree has a side of vegetables, especially if it is a meat entree, cover the vegetables with foil. This helps the vegetables cook at the same rate as the meat.


Cover chicken entrees with foil, especially those with vegetable sides.

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